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    Quote Originally Posted by thinwater View Post
    I'm confused. Which two points?

    Several people said it was hard to remove under tension and it is clearly not locking.
    I'm also confused (by your original post to which Bejasus refers) - why can you not remove a hook from a tight chain. If the chain is tight the snubber is loose (and the hook might then fall off) but if you can reach the hook, so need to retrieve some chain - what stops you simply lifting the hook off - if you can reach it.

    This is the whole problem, or one of them, with hooks - they can fall off when the chain is tight (if they have no locking mechanism). I might add - modern lifting hooks are made for specific sizes of chain. They fit the correct chain snuggly - and can be less easy to disengage as they need to be disengaged in a specific direction (and not at an angle) this might be inconvenient when you have your arm round a forestay straining to reach the hook. Hooks in chandlers tend to be loose - which is why they fall off. But modern lifting hooks are small, neat even - they are easier to take over a bow roller (though, in time, may damage some bow rollers - but no more so than the shackle or anchor shank).

    As an option consider having a lifting hook galvanised. I prefer the 'hooks' that are hooks rather than those that are claws, the hooks are more forgiving in how they are removed but to me, if this is not a contradiction, are more secure.

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