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    Default Re: Taking your lifejacket on board a plane - how to get approval?

    Quote Originally Posted by Old Bumbulum View Post
    This subject crops up so regularly I am astonished people are still discussing it.

    What is the problem with looking on the airline's website to ascertain what the conditions of carriage are for life jackets?
    All airlines carry them afaik and in a career in civil aviation I have never heard of a company that required notification or registration of them as long as they are carried in accordance with the airline's regulations. (Usually one LJ with 1 spare cylinder per pax). What you need to find out is if they can be carried in the cabin or if they must go in the hold.
    It is not a problem as long as you do as they stipulate. A life jacket is nothing whatsoever to do with security and if they quibble just ask to speak to the shift manager who knows full well what the rules and limitations of his staff are.

    Again, read the airline's website. What can be simpler and more reliable instead of listening to the plethora of wild and sometimes ill-informed advice on this forum?
    ...because a lot of people follow the rules as best as possible, as communicated by operators and airlines only to experience problems. That's why people discuss it.

    I flew with Aegean on flotilla this year. Notified the flotilla company. Notified the airline. Notified the check in desk. Notified the oversize baggage chap. Result??? Heathrow terminal 2 security kept the lifejacket nice and safe in England and refused to put it on my plane or any plane for that matter.

    What could be simpler than following the rules!

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    Default Re: Taking your lifejacket on board a plane - how to get approval?

    Slightly off thread but many many years ago I was foot boarding a ferry in Dover with a full boat delivey kit, oilies, chart, gps, dividers, handheld VHF... and a couple of parachute flares. For the first time ever there was a security gate and staff were checking hand baggage. He opens my bag and has a rummage. He was worried about the dividers but I explained I was going a boat delivery which is why my bag was full of sailing gear. Then he spotted the parachute flares and started opening the caps... I fair shouted at him... donít touch that... itís bloody. dangerous!

    He looked very sheepish and put them back in my bag. .... These days I would expect a bit more agro.

    What gets me is that ships and arecraft are full of pyrotechnics... but seems no one understands that part.
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