I have always wanted a boat and finally bought one. That was too small for my needs so we (me and wife) bought a 23 foot boat that is 4 berth. Love it. Old perkins engine and good on fuel. I little home away from home. We want to use her for sea fishing trips a couple of miles into the Bristol Channel. My wife has to 'make it ours' first. Fine by me. Moored in Penarth Merina.

I have done the PB2 costal and enjoyed it. Iv been on boats and enjoyed it. Now I find I have panic attacks every time we go out. Iv not even had the courage to lock out of Cardiff Bay into the estuary.

I suffer mild asthma and fear 2 things. Sinking the boat and injuring someone I care about or another water user.

Having an asthma attack at sea and having no way to get help.

I am a very nervous person generally, but I'll be dammed if my anxiety is going to rob me of the things I love. My wife is understanding but has no such affliction herself. The kids also enjoy it and are relaxed and confident on the water. I am always a hair away from a breakdown... Or that's what it feels like.

So unfair and I'm at a loss on what to do about it besides either shut up and put up, sell the boat or take some medicine that I just don't want. Being sedated to enjoy a family day out is not normal.