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    Default The coastal tanker “BP Haulier” of Faversham.

    In the summer of 1973 I was spending a holiday with my girlfriend on the 18ft Harrison Butler “Mytica”. We were gradually working our way from Walton to Ramsgate via everywhere listed in Jack Coote, apart from the London River, which, in those days, wasn’t friendly to little boats with Stuart Turners and no radio. When we got to Oare we thought we ought to try Faversham, but we very quickly went aground. The tide was still rising so we were not too worried, and I was happily kedging off when we were firmly put in our place as amateurs. We were passed by a tanker going up the creek stern first .

    She was the BP Haulier, built in Faversham in 1956

    Here she is with the men who built her:

    Here she is being launched:

    And here she is newly completed:

    She was sold away in 1976 and I’m told that Faversham Creek has been silting up ever since.
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    Default Re: The coastal tanker “BP Haulier” of Faversham.

    Yes. Long time since anything like that was built in Faversham.
    Would struggle to get up the creek now. Not least for the amazing amount of 'projects' that litter the banks.

    But the Town still want £9.00 a night to use their 'quay', max stay 2 nights. No facilities, water, electricity or other. Probably be fine for lifting keel boats

    If Kent County Council and Peel Ports ever stop their inactivity for a moment we might get some thing done there. May even see some return on the £125,000 the locals raised to get the project started and call KCC's bluff.

    Google 'where's our bridge faversham' for an insight into the incompetence and worse that surrounds this project.
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