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    Question Selden Furlin

    I have a Selden Furlin inmast system on our boat. It has always been relatively hard work to furl from the cockpit but dead easy from the mast. On an earlier thread I read that a 10mm line was recommended for the furling line, mine was 12mm so suspecting that this was not helping I replaced it with some new liros 10mm braid on braid and now find that the line tends to slip on the drum. The new line is quite shiny and I wonder if this is the cause. Have i bought the wrong stuff? Or will this shiny line dull in time? would washing it help? or should I buy a new line with a matt finish?
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    10mm polyester double braid is correct. If it's too slippery, you can run it through a rolled up piece of sandpaper (I'd guess 150 or 300 grit) in your hand until less shiny, which should make it a bit grippier.
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    You could do what I have done, made it possible to lock and unlock the ratchet from the cockpit. If I can find it i will post a picture on here later. Ihave had inmast since I bought my Corsair in 1992 I had a new Seldon mast 15 years ago, I found in severe conditions it was not possible to stop the sail when reefed creeping out, so not wanting to go forward and lock the ratchet I made it possible to lock it from the cockpit it has worked perfectly ever since certainly 10 years, I have vertical batons also totally changed my sailing for the better
    I will look for the pictures now.
    Mike this is not the picture I was looking for but its a frame out of a video, the line to the starboard side goes through a small dingy jammer . in the cockpit the line to the starboard side goes back to the cockpit but has a bungee cord attached to always return the ratchet to the locked position once the sail is out and the line released from the jammer.
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