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    Default Car and helico on a 55' mobo....!

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    Default Re: Car and helico on a 55' mobo....!

    Even before I click on the video, I bet that's Teddi Bear

    (Clicks. Yep.)

    Like most of Jay Benford's designs, an interesting and appealing boat. I have an oldish catalogue of his designs - everything from sailing yachts large and small to tugboat-styled miniature motor launches and working harbour ferries.

    The book includes a small range of boats in the style of Teddi Bear, though I believe it predates that specific design. The larger ones include the well deck for a car (all the drawings show a jeep type vehicle) and brackets for a substantial tender above.

    I'm not sure whether Mr Benford would necessarily endorse the broker's enthusiasm about offshore seaworthiness though. There are no particular statements about the 55' and 60' boats, but against the 38' he says "conceived as a coastwise cruiser, she could make Great Lakes crossings or transits to the Bahamas in reasonable weather", and mostly talks about where you could go on the American inland waterways network. That matches what I'd expect from the lines and construction (sash windows etc) and the interior appointments.



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