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    Default Re: Monitoring of onboard electrical system

    Quote Originally Posted by petem View Post
    As P says, unless you're being metred it's an academic exercise.
    Actually, when I said it's a bit academic, I was referring to the PF/kW conversion.
    But knowing the A absorption is almost essential in my books, in any boat with an array of AC equipment.
    Without it, it's impossible to "manage" AC usage, understanding what you can and can't use, depending also on the shore power available.
    I did have the AC Amp meter also in my old lady in fact, even if her electrical system wasn't half as complex as the one of the DP.

    So, I perfectly understand Vas point - so much so, that I asked Mr.DP directly.
    He told me that it used to be included as standard in their electrical panel (together with several other components), but according to some clients it was too complicated, so at some point in time they got rid of all unnecessary stuff, installing them just on demand.
    They didn't have many forumites among their clients, obviously...
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