While shopping in Tesco's today First Mate and I bumped into an old customer, friend and good 'ole local boy Daryl.

Last time I had a serious conversation with him he had just left a large Solent yard-Berthon, IIRC-and was off to Spain with his family as he had been offered a really good job in the sun.

He spent 10 years in Spain, came back a few years ago and had been employed at Marlow. He has just been made redundant.

So, wishing to avoid the daily commute to the Solent where he can easily find a job, he has decided to try going self employed. He has over 30 years experience and offers all kinds of mechanical and safety work.

You can find him on facebook---f@DarylBoltonMarineEngineer, email is darylbolton@hotmail.com and mobile 07707 964549.

Based near Sutton Courtney he is ideally placed for helping out on the upper river.

I hope the mods are cool with this, I'm just trying to help an old mate out.