Four this week for UKHO Permanent/Preliminary/Temporary. Not very exciting - or more accurate, not exciting at all:

1. ENGLAND - East Coast - Legends. - New legends in the Oaze and Mouse channel areas: The Oaze Restricted Zone and EAST MOUSE CHANNEL are added.
2. ENGLAND - East Coast - Dredged depths. - This notifies the dredged depths at 6 locations at Ipswich Container Port (alongside).
3. ENGLAND - East Coast - Depth - One reduced depth in Sandettie Deep Water channel south of the Foxtrot 3 ‘roundabout’. At 26.5m this will not hinder leisure craft.
4. ENGLAND - East Coast - Depths. - River Thames - One reduced depth of 4.4m on the edge of the south side of the channel right by the Broadness PHB.


1. The lights on the new yellow buoys marking the new Oyster Trays off West Mersea are now working;
2. ADA Point Flashing Red Light – Bridgemarsh Creek, River Crouch - the red light on ADA Point at the entrance to Bridgemarsh Creek is barely visible. Caution should be taken when entering and leaving Bridgemarsh Marina.
3. Lowestoft - PORT TRAFFIC SIGNAL LIGHTS - due to a technical fault Port Control are currently unable to change port traffic signals at harbour entrance and RNSYC yacht basin. The lights will remain set as follows:
Harbour entrance – On south pier - will be fixed to 3 fixed vertical red lights for inbound and 3 vertical green – white – green for outbound.
Yacht Basin – RNSYC – 3 fixed vertical red lights.

Regardless of direction of transit, all vessels shall contact Lowestoft Port Control to gain permission for entry/exit. (VHF Ch.14, Tel. 01502 572286).
4. Port of Wells - dredging;
5. Approaches to King’s Lynn. - UKD “Cherry Sand” Dredging Disposal West Stones Disposal site HU143 - from the PM tide 1st July through until the PM Tide 11th July 2019, UKD Vessel “Cherry Sand” will be carrying out maintenance dredging for the safety of shipping within the enclosed Docks King’s Lynn.

Each operational tide the “Cherry Sand” will depart King’s Lynn Docks 1 hour to High water and proceed to the disposal area in the vicinity of the West Stones Beacon (52° 49.7’N 000° 21.1’E). The disposal area is marked by 2 Yellow marker buoys;-  SGNW buoy Fl.Y.5s 52°50.615’N 000°21.160’E.  SGW buoy Fl.Y.10s 52°50.360’N 000°21.270’E. Discharge will be carried out at approximately High Water followed by return to King’s Lynn Docks about 30 minutes after high water.

Mariners are requested to keep clear when the vessel is arriving and departing the Docks and on the disposal area as the vessel will be restricted in its ability to manoeuvre, and to navigate with caution whilst these works are taking place. The “Cherry Sand” will monitor VHF channel 14.

That's it.