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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyingGoose View Post
    You asked me for the information
    I gave it to you
    I aslo interpted it as best I could
    you then argue that the RYA know better
    I corrected you
    The dialouge in the HSe Booklet is Vague but clealry states without objection the rules to be followed , which I have displayed this would superseed anything I have said in prevoius quotes (this is obvious to me) and others
    I have already said that the term Live aboard is the point that Gas Engineer would need to be called as I see it , I aslo stated that as good practice it is best to get a qaulifed gas fitter to look at any major work getting carried out
    At no point did I say you cannot do this yourself, but that you should get it inspected my a qualified fitter , the Law clealry states when that Gas fitter should be required . again which superseeds my first qoute
    You are like a person that cannot be wrong and need to constanly argue for the last point when if you took the time to read as you have requested from me then there would be no need for this game of tennis ,
    But I have had the pleasure of those that cannot admit something , makes me chuckle , I wonder do you look in the mirror and argue with yourself
    That's rather unfair, you posted , as fact , a statement that any new installations or modifications of gas systems on a boat could only be done by a qualified person.

    Pete asked which legislation stated this, he even pointed out the exemption for leisure boaters.

    Your arguments against have been solely based on your idea that no one should do it themselves. That's an opinion, which you are entitled to. But it is not how things stand currently. In this case, you were wrong and just won't admit it.

    Specifically, this..."Any Gas work to remodernise a boat or a new installtion where gas will be used no matter if on boats or houses , will fall under the Gas saftey umberella and must be fitted by a qualified gas fitter , this was due to the number of deaths on Narrow Boats many years ago"....

    I am going to replace my gas cooker and the gas hoses in my bradwell 18, according to your statement, I cannot do it myself. Which is not actually the case. (I may decide to have someone qualified do it, but I am not legally bound to do so. )
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