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    Default Re: ATYC. West India Dock Event.

    Quote Originally Posted by Parabordi View Post
    I am told 110 in total so far
    Should be a good do.
    Just got to pin down the elusive RCC treasurer and get him to BACS of some dosh to the Scouts.He is lurking up your way at the moment.
    Last time we saw him we were in the Italian at Runneymeade.

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    Default Re: ATYC. West India Dock Event.

    Not bothered to post for some time.
    UTMYC have around 20 boats going and understand well over 100 boats in total.
    Well done ATYC and Docklands Scouts.
    Great venue with access to Canary Wharf area and rest of London via TFL.
    Fantastic value for money and a great focus for Non tidal, Tidal and canal boaters.
    Also a chance to escape the bitching (some justified) about Non tidal conditions.
    For the more adventurous non tidal boats, also an excellent springboard for exploring the East Coast rivers and Medway. For RCC members, a good springboard for exploring the Non tidal Thames. Always welcome at UTMYC with prior notice.

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