UKHO Permanent/Preliminary/Temporary

1. ENGLAND - East Coast - Depths. - Two reductions of depth around the Sandettie SW Buoy in the Sandettie DW channel. Unlikely to hinder leisure craft.
2. BELGIUM - Buoy. - De Hann - In week 16, NtM 1958(T) notified of a new north cardinal buoy off the Belgium coast near De Hann named as Q.W. DCI. Now it is Q DCI!
3. ENGLAND - East Coast - Buoy. - Trinity House notified us of a small move of the SW Barrow cardinal buoy in week 26. This is the UKHO notification.
4. ENGLAND - East Coast - Depth. - One small reduction of depth on the south edge of the Thames channel opposite West Tilbury. At 7m unlikely to hinder leisure craft.

Quiet weeks are good weeks!


1. RIVER MEDWAY SALTPAN REACH - GRAIN LNG JETTY NO.8 - PILE INSPECTIONS - on Wednesday 10th July 2019, pile inspection work will commence at Grain LNG Jetty No 8 and last for
approximately 3 days. The jetty is centred in the following approximate position: Terminal NO.8: 51 0 25.93' N 0000 42.18' E. Men will be working on the waterline and underneath the jetty head with the workboats "Avocet" & "Pup" and a small RHIB tender. The International code of signal/boards "RY" will be displayed at the Jetty Head and the workboat "Avocet" will be monitoring the exclusion zones to warn and if deemed necessary slow down any leisure craft approaching the LNG Jetties at speed. Mariners are politely requested to slow down, make minimum wash and maintain a listening watch on VHF Channel 74, navigate with caution and keep well clear of the permanent exclusion zones. (Medway Notice to Mariners No 02-2019 refers).
Further information may be obtained from Medway VTS on VHF Channel.
2. ADA Point Flashing Red Light Bridgemarsh Creek, River Crouch - the red light on ADA Point in approximate position: 51˚ 38.410N 000˚ 45.687E at the entrance to Bridgemarsh Creek is now working correctly.

And that, is it.