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Thread: Battery Woes

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    Default Battery Woes

    With everything else going on in my life over the last year, I ended up neglecting my batteries. They got VERY low on electrolyte. topped them up but age and neglect meant that at full charge they were only reaching 12.45v.

    So they had to be changed only they were 2x US Battery L16HC a 6v monster with 435 amp hours weighing 54 kg.
    Battery Bank.jpg

    Wasn't able to get US battery replacement as they were a couple of months on the wait list, but was able to get very quick (48 hour delivery) of Trojan L16H - a direct replacement, although they were not actually in stock at the warehouse.

    Congratulations to for your quick service and good prices.

    Very many thanks to staff at Port Solent who assisted me to remove the old and add the new batteries.
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    Default Re: Battery Woes

    Not that heavy! Ours are 65kg each and we have four! That just the domestic bank. Another couple of 110amp hr engine start batteries as we are 24v. Over 1/4 tonne of batteries in the battery box :-)

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    Default Re: Battery Woes

    So those recombination plugs shown in the picture didn't work then? Interesting.


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