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Good question.
I don't know the full answer but if the S1 only gives you medical rights when in the uk, then it does no more than the ehic does. So it must allow you stay registered and receive medication I would have thought.
Or is it to do with which country pays, ie if you have portuguese ehic, are not S1 and receive care in uk, the bill should be sent to Portugal by the NHS. If you have S1 then the bill stays in uk maybe.
Too complicated for mere mortals.
The S1 shows which country accepts responsibility for your medical costs, so when we became resident in Portugal the S1 allowed us to get a social security number and become registered at the local medical centre. For the rest of the EU for the time being the EHIC is the thing and a copy of the S! can be used to confirm your entitlement to full NHS services in the UK. I understand that as we get free prescriptions in the UK there is a method to claim back Portuguese prescription charges but have not investigated further