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    Yes, but Bracknell to Winchester isn't much distance to cover.
    I actually work in Bracknell, and will be there tomorrow. That has to work, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scruff View Post
    Interesting thread. Does anyone use a satphone + email to download GRIB files / get weather data? Is sat phone still prohibitively expensive?
    I use an IridiumGo + Predictwind subscription it is not cheap but is integrated, works well and gives ECMF, GFS, proprietary forecasts, GMDSS text forecasts etc. on PC, iPad, iPhone or Android. Hardware including external Antenna kit was c $1k. Get multiple sim cards @ c $10 etc and only activate for the season or the long trip avoiding $250? reconnection charge at the expense of a changing phone number and some set up. The tariff I use gives unlimited SMS msgs, email, forecast downloads, 90 minutes phone time to terrestrial networks, Satellite tracking etc.


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