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    Default Jester Azores Challenge 2020

    It may seem premature, but queries are popping up already. Some info will be posted here from time to time, Due to the nature and ethos of the events and the characters, expect a certain degree of 'attempting to herd cats'.... but it all works out on the water.

    Next year is the Jester Azores Challenge and unless there are strong reasons against I am suggesting a start at 12 noon on Sunday 31 May. High-water Devonport is at 1339 BST which is about as good as we can get.

    The list has been open for some time (all JC lists into the future are open all the time) with, currently, eleven potential entries. So, now is the time to get planning.......................

    I hope everyone has fine moons'l weather for the rest of the 2019 season. Ewen
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    Default Re: Jester Azores Challenge 2020

    Just left the Azores (by aeroplane) and I can confirm the Caipirinha's from the naval club of horta, over looking the marina are very good indeed!

    If only I still had a jester eligible and offshore capable boat!


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