UKHO Permanent/Temporary/Preliminary

1. ENGLAND - East Coast - Buoyage. - Buoyage changes in the approach channel for the Wisbech Cut. Image in the usual page:
2. NETHERLANDS - NM Blocks. Depths. - The UKHO block provides a useful new area of the inshore buoyed channel off the Zouteland coast. There are two blocks of the same area depending upon the chart. Both available on the download button. A reduced sounding further to the north off the Domburg coast is repeating NtM 1116.
3. BELGIUM - Lights. Signal station. Platform. Fog signal. Automatic Identification System. - NtM 3199(P) in week 26 reported a scientific research platform, NEMOS, marked by special light-buoys, then under construction, is now complete. The Traffic tower in Ostend is now deleted and the new platform is marked. Two images worth looking at on the above page.


1. RED SAND TOWERS HELICOPTER & DRONE FILMING OPERATIONS - Filming will take place at Red Sand Towers from low flying aircraft and a drone / unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in support of a film production. Two images can be found in the Temporary list in the above page. Filming operations will be undertaken by two helicopters from 04:00-10:00 at the Red Sand Towers site on the 16th & 17th July 2019. The helicopters will use a maximum radius of up to 1 NM from the towers when safe to do so. They will keep clear and not interfere with passing traffic. Estuary Services Limited pilot vessel ESTUARY ELAN will be stationed in the vicinity of the site keeping a listening watch on VHF Channel 69. Filming operations will also take place by drone from 08:00-13:00 at the Red Sands Towers site on the 18th & 19th July 2019. The drone will be flown from the vessel X-PILOT which will be on station throughout the drone operations and also monitoring VHF Channel 69. All vessels involved with the operation will maintain a continuous listening watch on VHF Channel 69 & 16.
2. Harwich Harbour Maintenance dredging – Harwich Haven berths and approaches - on or about the 10th of July 2019 the plough dredger AFFON LLIGWAY will commence maintenance dredging of Felixstowe, Harwich International, Mistley channel and Harwich for approximately 14 days. Mariners are also advised that on or about the 17th of July 2019 the trailer suction dredger HAM 316 will commence maintenance dredging of the Harwich Haven berths and approaches for approximately 10 days. Survey work in regard to the dredging operations will be conducted by the survey/crew vessel Havik, due to commence work from 10th July 2019. Material from these areas will be disposed to the Harwich Haven TH027 disposal site.
3. “Mind Your Wash” - Mariners are requested to be extra vigilant and reduce their speed and keep wash to as minimal as possible when passing newborn seals, particularly in the River Roach area. The Conservation of Seals Act (1970) protects common seals during their breeding season and it is illegal to cause disturbance that may affect the newborn pups.
Your co-operation in this matter would be appreciated.
4. Foul Anchorage, River Roach – Quay Reach - Mariners are advised that we have had a report of “foul ground” (Anchorage) approximate depth LW 5m in position 51˚36.206’N 000˚52.223’E
All vessels are advised to avoid this area when anchoring in the River Roach.
5. Port of Wells - Dredging
6. NAVIGATION WARNING - Blakeney Harbour Entrance - The entrance channel to Blakeney Harbour, in the vicinity of the HJORDIS wreck, is changing rapidly. Currently the primary channel remains as buoyed, but the entrance channel between the Bar and Harbour Entrance buoy number 3 is becoming very narrow and can be extremely hazardous in times of moderate to heavy swell. Those Mariners familiar with Blakeney Harbour Entrance may now prefer to enter and leave the harbour using the new channel (currently not buoyed) which is opening up from Harbour Entrance buoy number 3 heading out WNW, running South and West of the HJORDIS wreck. Great care and local knowledge is required to safely navigate this channel, ensuring a route is taken where the swell isn’t breaking. We are monitoring this situation closely, and suggest that for the time being Mariners entering the harbour for the first time should first obtain up to date pilotage information by phoning CHARLIE WARD.

That's it.