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    Anyone been to boulogne this year. Any comments? Did you use tidal basin or one of the enclosed.

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    Yes, on the tidal side. Limited space for visitors. Beware shallows and rocks between the pontoons and the lock that dry out at low water. After rainstorms they were venting water from the enclosed docks and the current was swirling through the entire marina at a good couple of kts - made berthing interesting to say the least. Pontoons fingers all ridiculously short - 5-6m only! They don't like you berthing on the hammerheads unless you're a biggun. Outer fingers covered in quite extraordinary amounts of guano.
    Water about as stinky and filthy as it gets but good clean modern marina facilities and helpful staff. Security top-notch with swipe-cards.
    Town rather run down. We only found acceptable restaurants in the mediaeval bit on top of the hill near the Hotel de Ville. (Through the Castle walls). I think there is a small Carrefour over the locks' bridge somewhere. Boulangerie there too.
    Don't expect VHF contact until you're in sight of the marina, the high walls must block it on the way in.
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    Twice this year.

    Typical of Boulogne on our visits. Smelly water, loads of space, quano in amazing quantities, pontoons all a bit tired, staff welcoming and helpful, facilities good, security much improved.
    Pontoons are short, better cleats would help along with a good scrub.

    Amazing colonisation of the old ferry buildings by sea birds of all sorts. A clue to where the guano is coming from.
    Town a bit more run down, but that's not unique to Boulogne.

    Is the management/operation of the marina the subject of some sort of local discussion?
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    All above comments are justified - we left there this time last week; had a great time
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    Go there a lot ( Our club cruises seem to include it) & I like it. Bit of a walk to the old town but our club has "adopted" the first bar on the right. There is a couple of bars above the office & the people are always friendly, insisting on handshaking on arrival at the bar. dead easy to get into conversation.

    No problem with pontoons. They are different lengths & if you cannot moor to one of those then you need to look at your technique.
    Current is no problem, once again it is just simple boat handling. However, i have seen pictures of what happens when they let lots of water go from the locks & that can be a massive problem so I try to moor bows pointing that way. One year there was so much algae that some of the boats were covered above the decks & it took hours for owners to clean the filth off. My friend has a picture of his Anderson 22 with his mast sticking out the top. Fortunately the hatch was closed when he got back. Only heard of it happening the once though.

    There is no point calling on VHF, just find a spot & go & see the HM. All very helpful & often help tie up.

    the Carefour is quite large & has everything one would need, 10 minutes walk along the canal & it is in an arcade on the left.

    Easy to enter the harbour and lots of room inside to drop sails & get fenders out before entering the harbour proper. need to work the tides down the coast though.

    Well worth a visit - provided the fishermen are not throwing a hissy fit & chaining the place off that is !!!!!
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