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    Default Children's lifejackets wanted to borrow for a day

    I've promised to take a family sailing for a day and they have two children aged 6 and 8 and we don't have any children's lifejackets any more.. I wondered if there was anyone in the Gosport or Farnham area (or anywhere in between) might consider lending me two children's lifejackets for the day? I don't fancy going and buying some just for their day out! The day they are booked to come is this coming Saturday so apologies for the short notice plea for help.

    Our boat is just off Hardway SC and we'll be there on Friday and could collect from anywhere locally. I haven't asked the club yet, but it may be that they have lifejackets I can borrow for a day?

    Thank you in advance for any offers of help.
    Semper aliud

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    Default Re: Children's lifejackets wanted to borrow for a day

    I've got two that are probably just about right for a six and an eight year old... maybe only worn once on the pontoons! I'll PM you and find a photo of what I've got ..


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