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    Default retrofit single line reefing blocks etc question

    Has anyone retro-fitted single line reefing outside the boom?

    I'm just wondering what blocks to fit to the mainsail on the reefing eyes, whether I need to do any significant chafe protection

    Also how did you fix your turning blocks at the mast-end of the system - I'm thinking of trying to sort out some kind of dyneema shackle arrangement.

    I'm only doing the first reef at the moment to see how we get on. I've got hold of some 6mm dyneema for the reefing line

    It's a 32 foot 1970's design of boat (FYI)


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    Default Re: retrofit single line reefing blocks etc question

    I do not have any blocks on my leech. I prefer not to have the weight on the trailing edge. The single line just runs through the cringle. However , at the luff I have Barton ball race blocks on spectacles. (31 ft hanse so mainsail is fairly large) I found that this was necessary to reduced friction .
    My single line runs inside the boom, but there are no blocks inside. I do not use dynema reef lines & see no need, but if you already have them it will reduce friction being thinner. Just make sure that your clutches can grip them ok.
    It should be quite possible to rig something outside, but if the fittings at the gooseneck are not on the centreline it may make a difference to tension when tacking . This has to be addressed.
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    Default Re: retrofit single line reefing blocks etc question

    hi, have a look at/google "Harken single line mainsail reefing system 430", (pdf format) I didn't buy it but will follow the diagrams etc to do mine, presently I have a jiffy system which necessitates going to the mast to pull down the "leading edge" of the mainsail while a rope and block pulls down the rear and is cleated off at the "front end of the boom. I want to do it all from the cockpit, but might end up doing two line system if the friction is too much.
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    Default Re: retrofit single line reefing blocks etc question

    Same as DB, above. Good quality ball bearing blocks at the luff, just through the cringle at the leach. My lines run outside the boom, to cheek blocks riveted to the boom. Top tip - hang a U of string (I have bungie) under the boom at intervals to keep the lines from dangling too much. Do use decent ball bearing blocks. My first effort used sleeve bearing blocks that I had in my odds and ends box and there was too much friction.
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