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    Default Re: what\'s happened to muck-in sailors?

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    On the other hand, ever been trying to come alongside in difficult circumstances and had some 'helpful' soul appear on the pontoon and start shouting instructions at your crew?

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    I know what you mean.
    I was on the pontoon at Salcombe last summer ready to help a boat which was coming alongside. I assumed that the 12 years old girl at the bow would want a hand, and I got ready to take the line. She, very politely, refused the offer. As the boat came in it was obvious that they all new exactly what they were doing. Beautiful boat handling.
    The next day another boat was coming in and it all looked under control........ until thay were a few feet from the pontoon. Shouting instructions to the woman with the lines would have just stressed her, she wouldn't have understood. All I could do was rescue the line from the water and get it round a cleat. They got in without any damage, except to their pride. As she got off the boat she sheepishly said "Thank you. I really don't know what to do with all these ropes" (too which I said "Don't worry, I don't either!")

    It's all part of boating!

    I agree with you though. Having someone on shore trying to take over is so annoying!

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    Default Re: what\'s happened to muck-in sailors?

    someone standing by would have been nice - this fella walked off! YOu've got a point though - I didn't actually ask for help. Pathetic British reserve I suppose. That and silly male ego.

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    Default Re: what\'s happened to muck-in sailors?

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    That and silly male ego.

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    Maybe that's why we are told that we should "get in touch with our feminine side"!.......and there I was thinking that it was all to do with our underwear. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img] [img]/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img] [img]/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]


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