Good morning all,

This site and forum looks like a great resource, I'm glad I found it.

tl;dr I'd love some advice on longer term moorings (two weeks), if you'd expect to have to pay mooring every single night (if not, where are free for say 48 hours), how often you move your boat, commuting to Reading...the list goes on!

So quick backstory:
Have been renting a 40ft trad narrow boat from a friend since last August and it's been moored up at a boat yard up until weekend just gone. The boat was moored there for approx four years and was virtually static, shore powered in (the lot.)

Due to some unfortunate circumstances we've had to move and get the boat cruising with about 24 hours notice. We just about managed to get off shore-power (now wondering what to do with a 240v fridge!) and thank every river god known the engine actually worked enough to get us outta there (besides the five blown fuses attempting to do so!)

So the great news is our little Callaigh (I say ours as we're paying her off over 2 years via a rent-to-buy type thing) is out and about.
The bad news is...I don't know where to go! I was planning on having six more months of prep including mapping out routes, determining mooring stops etc.

We were in Caversham and as we have a EA reg we pootled down towards Sonning, stayed just before the lock for 24 hours, passed through the lock yesterday and have moored up just passed the Coppa club.

side note, there is a DE sign stating £10pn or £100fine, ten feet away there is a private landlord sign stating £10pn; where would you say the dividing boundary is? I'm struggling to identify the boundaries

Without going to far out from Reading (I cycle to work based in Whitley [Yes K&A would be closer but we need to sort the license] where would you recommend we can moore for a a couple of days to get our breath back. We actually need an engineer to come and review some wires as our fuse keeps blowing and our 12v has stopped working (everything ie bilge/solar etc is fine.) so ideally want to stop somewhere for a few days to plan it but without paying £40 for the pleasure! Is that possible?!

I'd appreciate any and all feedback, and if anyone happens to be Readingish I'd be happy to meet for a drink (I'll buy) to pick your brains!

Thanks all,