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    Default Thames river scheme flood defences

    Does anyone know anything about the timings of these proposed works, designed to address the flooding problems of 2014. If you google it you will see that there are massive plans to create new flood channels via wraysbury and from Staines to Shepperton. Plus widen desborough cut and in crease capacity at the wiers/locks at sunbury , teddington, molsey.
    You can see from the gov website very detailed plans, some surveys complete and apparently just about to go to planning. Any one have any knowledge?

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    Default Re: Thames river scheme flood defences

    If memory serves me right and having attended several planning meetings, it was about 10 years in the future back in 2015. At that point the EA was short of budget by tens of millions for the lower Thames scheme.

    B1 may have better detail, my memory is u/s.
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