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    Default Squadron 58 in winter


    Apologies if this is a duplicate, I wrote this post and then it seems to have disappeared.

    I'm normally more of a sailor but I'm considering a 2004 Squadron 58 as a pied--terre. The switch to motor boat is because you seem to get a lot more space for something that will often be in the marina versus a sail boat (and less lines flapping in the wind).

    I'd love advice and thoughts on any of the following.

    1. Squadron 58s in (UK) winter? It has reversable air conditioning and the boat will be in a marina with power. Is that enough to make it pleasant in winter and avoid too much condensation etc? I'm open to upgrading things, so if there is upgrades that make it more liveable happy to hear about that.

    2. This boat I don't think has been looked after super well, OTOH its not done many engine hours and spent her life in fresh water mostly (only 350 engine hours) ... curious what people think fair value might be and how much it will depreciate if its well maintained.

    3. From what I can understand planing hulls might not be as nice at anchor with waves?

    Any other advice, especially regarding liveability and upgrades welcome.


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    Default Re: Squadron 58 in winter


    I suspect that you are asking the question in the wrong forum, there will be forumites with knowledge and experience of this type of boat in the Motor Boat Forum. The live aboard forum is going to have little experience or knowledge of the type of craft you propose.

    As for anchoring in waves - the short answer is don’t! The trick for a peaceful night at anchor is to get your boat in the lee of a headland or some such other natural or man made breakwater. Otherwise you face a night of nodding donkey and pig rolling - and no sleep.

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    Default Re: Squadron 58 in winter

    Please do re-post your questions above in the Motor Boat Forum - there are a few owners of Squadron 58's in there who are very knowledgeable about them.
    Especially a chap called jfm who used to have two - the first was bought second hand I think, and then he commissioned a new one. He is a veritable walking encyclopaedia about everything relating to Fairline Squadrons (he now has a 78').

    I would think that living on board a Squadron 58 in a marina in Britain in winter would be very comfortable indeed, especially with a good heating supply.


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