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Wayne why have you posted this on PBO forum? I’d guess that not many who followed your last project on the mobo forum will see this.
Hi John, i see you found the toy

Only as a few said the build blogs should be in this section.

How can i move it over to MOBO ?

Oh and thanks for the Zodiac. I got your email just now as it went into my spam.

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@Wayne, what's the make of the drive leg on your new baby? If that's a Transa I might have had a hand in its initial creation
I havnt a cue but just found out the bloody thing has a draught of 0.9m so i can get up the Ribble Link to get to the Lancaster so already a problem well just have cruise it the to crane it half way for 10 miles then cruise the rest of the way.

Going to get some prices tomorrow.