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Kirby creek? ... oysters?
Funnily enough I was thinking of starting a new topic on that subject. We pottered up Kirby Creek, around Honey Island and out into Horsey Mere on Saturday, it was a beautiful way to spend a few hours. The big sign near the entrance of Kirby Creek warning about Oyster layings is now gone (the frame is still there), so I wondered whether there are still any Oyster layings there and if not then Kirby Creek would be a great anchorage.

As an aside, near the top of the tide we decided to have a go a crossing Horsey Mere around to the Twizzle, but found the 'channel' (ho ho) too hard to follow - depth varied between 3m and 0.9m (we draw 0.86 with the keel up) whilst trying to follow the line on the plotter. We bottled it and turned around, later in the day I looked at Google's satellite view and saw it was taken at low tide and very clearly shows the channel - should have used that. I did wonder whether we'd get over the causeway though.

Apologies for the drift...