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    Default Calor Gas Bottles

    Having read, one of the threads , about Calor Gas Propane Bottles, leaking gas, through the regulator threads, as being quite normal ?????

    Ok, Im new to this river malarkey, and no, I do not touch locks at all, I just wait, until someone who knows, what to do, comes along.
    I have the same attitude to Gas Bottles.
    In Spain, you can buy large gas bottles, with a press on regulator. Easy to use.
    On my little boat, in the UK, there was the usual red propane Calor Gas bottle.
    It ran out, recently, so I replaced it, at one of the marine yards, on the Thames.
    Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the screw up regulator, would not seal !

    No matter how hard I tried to turn the screw, every time I turned the gas on, you could hear the hissing of gas, back out through the threads of the regulator.
    I thought , perhaps an o ring was missing, and took the bottle back to the shop.
    Same Thing Happened with the offered replacement botlle.

    Typically, this was on the hottest day, this year, and I was somewhat washed out.
    The second bottle, leaked , same way as the first, so it was turned off immediately.
    Yes, the lady in the store did ask, is that one ok ?
    Due to the opressive heat, I just said, yes its fine, and we left, for home.

    Online research, showed, that Calor UK, also has a different type of bottle !
    It is called Patio Gas !
    The smallest of the Patio Gas Bottles, are 5 Kg, as opposed to the red 3.9 Kg Propane, screw thread.

    OK my gas locker, is big enough to take the 5 Kg Patio Gas Bottle, which has a slightly larger diameter, than the 3.9 Kg bottle.

    The best thing, is, the Patio Gas bottles, have press on regulators, and you just squeeze the button inwards, and the regulator pops off.

    No wierd , wrong way screwing, and instant seal, on the regulator, for an extra 1.2 Kg of Gas.

    Oh, The Calor shop, did not credit me, for the full red propane bottle, but they did
    exchange bottle for bottle, as if mine was empty.
    That was no great loss, as a tube of Cressetite Gas Sealer, would have cost 18 quid + postage, since no one , in my area, had any.
    Yes, there are cheaper supposed Gas Sealers, out there, but, not many, are easy to dismantle, also most places do not reccommend using those sealers, on removable bottles ?
    I was in Falmouth, when the Barge in Penryn, blew up, around 2 am, killing a whole family, apart from one daughter, who was ashore , staying with a friend.
    So, I am very cautious, around gas.
    Take Care,Out There
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