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    Default Fast reactions - thanks

    To the skipper who reacted hard and fast to our repeated shouts of Ahoy yesterday - thanks. If you read these forums, you know who you are!

    Us: anchored and having a pleasant lunch near Holiwell point
    You: On a beat, only a few boat lengths away and heading hard and fast towards our starboard beam.

    This is not a post to bemoan a lack of a careful lookout - goodness knows we've all been guilty at some point of not checking under the genoa and being somewhat blindsided. It is a salient reminder to do so though - it's so easy to come up on someone fast when under full sail, sailing upwind and not checking regularly on the lee side.

    You apologised as you rapidly tacked away for not seeing us - I was just grateful that you not only heard my repeated shouts but reacted quickly without question, realising where the sound was coming from. My 16 month old, onboard and munching away, thought dad's antics were hilarious. I, however, took about 15 mins for my pulse rate to come down...
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    Default Re: Fast reactions - thanks

    A good job someone was paying attention!
    Glad it turned out happily.


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