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Thread: Hugo Boss

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    Quote Originally Posted by LONG_KEELER View Post
    That's true and it has to be remembered that us cruiser types get the benefits from racing
    further down the line. Eventually that is.

    I wonder though if the gap has never been wider and it is difficult to see where the benefits are going to come from and how affordable they might be. Particularly foils which to some are not cruising or racing. Americas Cup interest is probably now at it's lowest ebb .
    Have you looked at Pogo yachts?
    They take their inspiration from IMOCA.

    How long before someone sells a cruising version of the Open 40 class?
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    I think it looks grand, for a racing boat, which is not the criteria that counts of course.
    It will probably have some fashion backwash; look out for a crop of tubby cruisers in black with red bracing, go faster, struts in the cockpit.

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