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I wouldnt go back to boating in the UK now but on the other hand it did take me a long while to get used to the downsides of Med boating. First and foremost, its a different style of boating. You cannot just nip down to your boat in the Solent if the weather looks good this weekend or if its a bit quiet in the office one afternoon in the week. Trips to your boat in the Med have to be planned weeks if not months in advance to keep flight costs down and you simply wont be on your boat as often as were when your boat was located 2hrs down the M3. Second, however much Man Maths you apply, it costs more to keep a boat out there than it does in the UK. Yes you might find a marina somewhere in the Med with relatively modest charges but then you've got to factor in the costs of getting there of course and if you've got kids in tow that could be substantial. Then because you are spending less time on your boat and because you want to maximise the time you do spend, you are going to be spending far less time maintaining the boat yourself and far more money paying somebody else to do it

Is it worth it? When I'm sitting on my boat at anchor in some idyllic bay going for a swim and sipping the local plonk, yes it is but sometimes in Jan/Feb when the winter maintenance bills roll in and I havent seen my boat for months, I do wonder

PS. Hide the invoices from your SWMBO and lie if she asks you how much this all costs. It just means an all round easier life, believe me. I do keep a detailed record of all my Med boating costs on a spreadsheet but I once made the fatal mistake of leaving it open on my computer. That basic error cost me a summer house for the garden and a cruise
Absolutely 100% especially the maintenance/cleaning we’ve been in Port Grim for a couple of years now, in fact here now, I would not change it for the world but we spend far more on maintenance/cleaning than we did in the Hamble.
As a side note, went to the beach bar next to the cemetery by St Trop on Sunday, absolutely fantastic but not for the faint hearted!