Unless I have misunderstood, the scheduled yacht races at Cowes today have been cancelled.

Why is that, surely the conditions would be the same for all competitors, and individual boats would be free to decline racing?
Is the decision taken by some large organisation, which is desperate to avoid bad publicity or even being sued?
Has health and safety come to dominate what I thought was an exciting, adventurous sport, with potential dangers?
To an outsider from the racing scene it seems rather odd and a big let-down.

(I know what happened in 1979 ( my present yacht was out that night) but it's the Solent not the Atlantic.)

Do the experienced racers on here think that a sensible decision, by wiser heads than mine obviously, has avoided mass carnage?
Or is it another example of the pathologically risk-averse, lawsuit-driven nanny state spoiling everyone's fun?