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    Default Ferry hits yachts in Minorca

    So the ferry comes in at night ( I guess quite fast?) peeps it horn the yachts ( 2 of them) don’t get out of the way but he could do nothing it’s all fine and the ferry left on time.

    Emm. Something does not sound quite right !
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    Default Re: Ferry hits yachts in Minorca

    Top quality reporting from the bulletin as usual

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    Default Re: Ferry hits yachts in Minorca

    The boats look anchored to me (see pointless masthead lights at the same level as the harbour lights.)

    When weve been there we see one or two boats anchored on the wrong side of the line of bouys that mark the commercial harbour limits (with a huge sign on the wall ) so the ferries swing in close and sound horns to wake them up.

    But they obviously can never wake up and move in time but get a fright and a bit of a lesson.

    This ferry looks like its upped the ante.

    Its a rolly but really useful anchorage but this brace of fools may be the final excuse to ban it.


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