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    Default Upholstery clean

    Does anyone have any ideas on getting white leather (?) upholstery clean? I've tried most automotive products and had disappointing results.
    Now considering a weak oxalic mixture - anyone tried this?

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    Default Re: Upholstery clean

    I’ve found that a tub of stuff called ‘white wonder cleaner cream’ works surprisingly well on our white leatherette seat covers, and doesn’t appear to have any nasty side effects so far...... it’s a Lakeland product, about a fiver a tub on eBay.

    I use some on a soft brush to get into any grain, and polish off. I’m not going to say it’s quick, but it certainly helps clean most marks off. Not sure on anti stain ability, but it does claim to ‘work on any stain’...... worth a try for a fiver.


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