The next version of the free River Thames Guide app (official app of British Marine) will roll out over the next 24 hours or so.
Users of both version with Apple devices will receive update notices from the App Store; similarly with the Lite version on Android and the full version on Amazon Fire. Users of the full version on Android will need to download it from the support site (its too big for the Android App Store).
Changes this time include:
Thames Journey Planner display improvements
-rather than always show 104 locations:
-choose which river sections to show (one or more)
-use Settings to select your default sections to open
Thames Journey Planner improved accuracy
-all distances re-measured to higher accuracy
-measurements to/from locks to middle of lock
-measurements to/from marinas to mid-channel opposite entrance
Thames Journey Planner new locations
-added Bray Marina and Windsor Marina
-Tidal locations revised to marinas/piers where available (rather than bridges)
improvement to Lock info popups
-on smaller screens, lock info partly obscured by navigation buttons*
-all info now fully visible on all screen sizes
Preparation for iOS 13

Home page looks nicer with some new icons
*this one was brought to my attention by a user (I use a larger screen for testing) so feedback works!! You can send comments/suggestions via this forum or the app.