I lost one of my Pacific aerials recently in the high winds. It looks like the joint between the nylon ferule and the plastic aerial sleeve/enclosure worked loose and it just fell overboard leaving the innards hanging down. Luckily it was my AIS and it still actually worked, but naturally as preventative maintenance I will be replacing the VHF before it goes the same way; it's already loose.

There seems to be a myriad of choices out there, but clearly Pacific is no longer on my list. Shakespeare seem favourite at the moment but Glomex aren't ruled out yet. Are there any recommendations from the collective. I'm looking for something durable and ideally prewired (one less connection to worry about). Probably with a stainless steel ferule and 1.8m to 2.4m as it's for a 32' motorboat and I feel 1.2m with typically 3dB gain is a bit small. I'm happy to pay for quality/durability so premium options would be welcomed.