Hi Everyone

New here and would be grateful for some advice. I live in the Cookham area and am planning to buy a boat for use on the Thames. Mainly day trips but occasional overnight runs further up river or to the tidal Thames when time permits.

We have only seen a few boats but very much liked the layout of the Jeanneau Leader 805 which provides plenty of usable space. Being a bit wider than many sports cruisers of its length it also provides easy access to the decks for safely working locks.

I am a newcomer to river cruising but am a little surprised to see so many sports cruisers on the Thames as I have been told they are not very happy cruising at low speeds with steering often being awkward .

Does anyone have any experience to advise on the suitability of this boat for Thames use and how easy the handling will be at Thames speed limits.

Advice much appreciated.