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    Default Sealine S24 Does this sound about right

    Our Sealine S24 is kept on the Norfolk Broads so not much speed work. We have owned her since March 2018. Engine is a Volvo Penta KAD32.

    She has been in the water for at least 2 years (normal for the Broads) and must have a certain amount of foul after this period although the Broads are not too bad for foul.

    Yesterday we took her to Breydon Water to do some tests. These were the results. Does this sound about right:

    Fuel Tank over 3/4 Full, Water tank half full, waste tank empty. Boat reasonably loaded and 2 people on board.

    We were going against the tide (approx. 2 - 3 knots) and had about a 15mph wind straight in our face.

    Top speed was 23 knots GPS over the ground

    RPM Max 3500 (seems a bit low)

    Super Charger came in at 1800 rpm

    Charger came off so I assume the turbo cut in as boat maintained speed.

    Temp maxed out at 90 degrees C and stood stable at this. When throttled back to displacement speed temp quickly went back to 80 degrees C

    Oil Pressure was about 57 psi

    So my thoughts are revs are a bit low and speed low but 2 year dirty bottom all be it on the broads

    What do you think

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    Default Re: Sealine S24 Does this sound about right

    I think it needs a longer run to clear it out and a clean bottom.
    In the opposite direction it would have gained 4 or 5 knots over the ground.


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