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    Default Yamaha OB Question

    I have a tender with a 25hp yamaha 2 stroke OB that came with the boat. The RIB is a 3.5m Lomac with steering and remote. I've been having issues with the gear shift and the throttle and have noticed that the tiller throttle and tiller gear shift are still connected and appear to conflict with the remote. For example when I move the remote to neutral / idle, revs stay high and I need reach back and twist the tiller to get revs back to idle. Am I OK removing the tiller connections for both (perhaps they should have been removed anyway?)

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    Default Re: Yamaha OB Question

    Its usual to remove the tiller arm when going to remotes so if its causing an issue thats the first thing I'd do. You can always keep it in case you want to sell the engine at any time


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