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    Default How long To change Part1 registration

    Hi folks I have sent off all details for change of ownership Part 1 registration to MCA Ships etc.
    Cheque cashed quickly but no sign of documents.Sent emails to contact no response.Anyone have any ideas normal length and how does one follow up.Have a great day folks.

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    Default Re: How long To change Part1 registration

    I changed ownership 10 years ago and IIRC it did take a while, a month or so, for the new documents to come through. This first renewal was no drama but around a month to deliver documents. This year I renewed again and it took over 2 months for the new documents to arrive, that was after an intervention. I would add that the staff are helpful and appear to be able to access a database that holds the records, payments and status i.e. you don't need to speak to the actual person dealing with it, anyone can help. At least that is my experience.
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