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I have been astonished by some of the above comments. I believe that writers on the internet should be very careful with their pessimism and particularly personal remarks. Actually the technician who showed the greatest resolve in sorting out the problem was indeed Greek!

I believe it is not fair to name the type of prop. as it was fitted two years ago and worked fine. Only at the end of last year did we get an occasional noise. Only on launching this year did it become a real problem and close examination both before launching and at the lift outs did not show any obvious problems. Perhaps there is slight damage?
The manufacturers have agreed to have the prop. back and see what went wrong. I will be very interested to know the answer as it did indeed cost us a considerable amount of money to get the yacht put right.
As someone who lived in Nikiana for 5 years 1996 -2001 ,I knew Joe quite well, If you are happy, then Joe will be very happy.