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    Quote Originally Posted by Assassin View Post
    Kashurst, fine for automotive use with free flowing air at sufficient speeds, but a marine variant is a totally different kettle of fish.

    Now, graphene batteries will be a different kettle of fish and one I am eagerly awaiting real time data from in actual use.
    on an electric car the batteries are heated or cooled by a heat pump. There is a liquid to air heat exchanger in the cars' air flow to get rid of heat/extract heat. On a boat you would use a liquid to liquid heat exchanger the same as used on marine aircon systems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrudge View Post
    Porto. Where do you get 32a power from?

    Three phase will give you 64x3 for a start.

    Time to charge. Sure. Never said it was perfect but given you have overnight and many people stay local it could work who knows.

    Running gen is nothing odd. Mine has just been on for 2 days as it was humid and hot on anchor. That is what they are designed for to run and run and run
    Sodís law and 3p availability when touring .
    Wasnít there a guy recently on here shoved on a 16 A in a 60 ftr wondering why his Aircon faulted - passing through Marseille I recollect.

    If you are gonna need or choose like you me and me to run a geny all day @ anchor then imho it rather defeats the eco / green reasons of going Li ion .
    Doing 10 miles up the Thames in a soggy April on a Greenline is different boating to moving from one Med island to another with a few overnights @ anchor .Looking over your shoulder ( meteo sites ) wondering if or where the run for shelter ports are .

    I,am not knocking it just think thereís a cut off in size of where it falls down due to recharge time and other stuff nicking charge out of the main motor batts and the persistent racket , vibration , fumes of a geny in what should be ordinarily a silent anchorage.

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    Default Re: Electric boat conversion

    The purpose of my simple man maths following a discussion with whiteligher was simply that on the face of it using moderately real assumptions electric is on the verge of being plausible

    Battery tech will improve and if we are a third of the way there in range that staggers me we are so close

    Most boats unlike cars are toys. They donít go that far in general and again in general are in a marina for at least overnight which always has power at the back of it ( in varying capacities).

    As such the it must be charged every x miles is probably more likely to gain customer acceptance than in a car. Add to that that instead of burning in my case about e250 of fuel an hour I use a few pounds of electric it starts to look interesting.

    Then remove pretty much all drivetrain servicing and you knock off another chunk of ownership cost

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    Default Re: Electric boat conversion

    I've just mentioned on another thread but i will mention here again because i was super impressed... Power-Store seem like they are back up and running in the marine industry again, I dropped them an email in relation to an electrical system difficulty i was having. They responded within the hour and informed me of what equipment i needed, i was able to purchase almost everything i needed from the site there and then. Not sure if its the best email address but i used The website is Hopefully they can help!!

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