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Indeed - plan is to get to Scillies and then to west of Brittany. First stop somewhere in the Brest area. I did this many years ago (30+) and our first stop was Camaret.
A week should get you to Lorient and a week could get you back with little time for delays or rest. From there you should be able to catch a train or bus to whichever local airport is convenient for the time of week and where you need to get to but expect further travelling in the UK. It may even be better to take an internal flight from one of the local airports to CdG and then a plane or even the shuttle back to the UK. I still think you are pushing the delivery and return a bit.

I have Done La Rochelle from Plymouth in 4 days solid sailing on several occasions and then sailed back up the coast taking anything from 2 weeks to 4 including back to Plymouth so you should given the weather be able to make La Rochelle in a week but it is probably too far. And the best sailing for a short time would be in the Lorient area with the islands as has been mentioned.