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    Default Ferry 'Pinar del Río' aground (Denia)

    Images of the beginning of the rescue of the ferry 'Pinar del Río' from the sea, transferring the fuel to tankers (August 20, 2019)

    The ferry 'Pinar del Río', from the Balearia company, ran aground at 11:30 p.m. on Friday night (August 16 , 2019)at the mouth of the port of Dénia with 393 passengers, 21 crew members and 70 vehicles on board. Maritime Rescue with the boat 'Salvamar Diphda', as well as the Civil Guard and the Local Police, evacuated all passengers, who had embarked in the port of Ibiza. Also a company tugboat moved passengers. None were injured.

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    Default Re: Ferry 'Pinar del Río' aground (Denia)

    They must have been in and out of Denia thousands of times. I guess some sort of mechanical failure is to blame. Looks as though it’s holed below the water line. Will be interested to hear how the recover it and offload the cars.

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    Default Re: Ferry 'Pinar del Río' aground (Denia)

    Denia has a longer than usual approach channel.
    From that video, it looks like the ferry cut the corner too close.

    Here's a pic of the entrance channel that I took a few years ago.


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