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    Default Re: Possible shift of channel at Stone Point?

    Quote Originally Posted by AntarcticPilot View Post
    Yes, I've noticed people not following the buoyed channel, too. In fact one of the boats in my initial post was outside the channel, having gone north of No. 14, and the following day I saw someone cutting corners, though as the tide was higher, they got away with it! I don't really see how more buoys would help, though - they are very closely spaced anyway. I think clearer naming of the existing buoys might help (naming them in relation to the channel rather than to obscure sea-bed features), and perhaps an extra cardinal buoy at the eastern side of the passage? The Island Point Buoy doesn't really help much in delineating the channel; it is in deep water all round and its purpose isn't clear!A green buoy opposite no 12 and moving Island Point south to actually mark the northern point of the shallow water might help, but it really does depend on the intent of the people managing the buoyage.

    The buoyage is actually quite clear as long as you have the chartlet to hand, but I agree that without it it is very confusing unlesss you have a good spatial awareness. And unfortunately, the navigable water is quite narrow at that point!
    Island Point Cardinal is a channel splitter denoting where the channel south up the Walton Channel diverges from the channel into Hamford Water to the 2 Excem buoys.

    The biggest problem is when the tide is running hard it flows across the narrow channel creating a serious risk of being carried onto one or other of the channel buoys but if you give them a wide berth, you run the risk of leaving the channel and going aground.

    If in doubt, the safest thing to do is to go straight into Hamford Water and attempt the Walton Channel, nearer the top of the tide when the flow will have abated.

    Unfortunately, a number of vessels insist on sailing in this part of the channel, rather than proceed under power. Given the conditions - not very clever‼️
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    Default Re: Possible shift of channel at Stone Point?

    I passed through at the weekend both ways. I didn't find any noticeable shallowing in the channel, with about 3.4m and mid tide. There was a hearty spring ebb when we returned from the Deben though.

    I am all in favour of people sailing through if they wish, though I more usually drop my sails just before, with more room in the prevailing winds. There is of course the local rule that boats proceeding with the current have priority, but generally there is plenty of space for boats to pass. The only time I've had difficulty was when a motor boat appeared to want to pass me green to green, which was disconcerting at the time.
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