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    Default Sailing Round the Isle of Sheppey

    I would like to sail round the Isle of Sheppey next Wednesday for the first time, and wondered if anybody had any advice.
    Because my crew member is arriving at lunch time on Wednesday, and high tide is at 1656, I was planning to leave Oare creek (my mooring) at about 4pm, sail around for fun towards Whitstable for a couple of hours, then return back up the Swale intending to get to Queenborough by 8pm. Then set off from Queenborough about 10am sail round the East side of the Isle of Sheppey plan to arrive back in Hollowshore at 3pm on Thursday.

    Does this seem reasonable ?

    My boat draws 1.1m.

    Advice gratefully received.

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    Default Re: Sailing Round the Isle of Sheppey

    You will have plenty of water if you stick to the channel round the back of the Island. However you will be fighting the tide all the way to Elmley Ferry and it's quite a big Spring tide at 6.1m. As you probably know if it's wind over tide coming into the Swale from Whitstable it can get pretty rough. A call to the bridge on Channel 10 could be worthwhile before setting off. I think they will normally lift about 10mins past the hour. Sometimes 20min before the hour if they are quiet, but check first. As the tide drops the channel round the back is quite steep sided and not forgiving if you wander out of it.
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    Default Re: Sailing Round the Isle of Sheppey

    Have to agree with Fulmarjeddo, without a fair wind, it would be a slow trip to Elmly against the increasing ebb. I do this tidal trip quite frequently, both in my little gaffer Ivy and a 31foot yacht with a 1.4m draft.
    I tend to leave Faversham/Oare creek before HW and make westerly through the bridge and have a sail in the lower Medway before anchoring in Stangate/Sharfleet/Queenborough for the night.
    I then leave the Medway about 4 hours ebb the next day and make passage around the seaward side of Sheppy, coming back into the East Swale.
    Rightly, it can be lively but with a weather going tide pretty quick. plenty of time to make the mooring before the HW.

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    Default Re: Sailing Round the Isle of Sheppey

    The only part that needs particular care anytime other than HW especially on Springs would be from Elmley to No 2 bouy.
    If you come through on LW it is very obvious just how narrow the channel is.
    As denizen of the IOS for many years became very familiar with the bottom of the Swale especially off Shellness.
    One particular spot twice in one year.
    Can also confirm it does get a suprisingly uncomfortable reach with ebb against wind.
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