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    Default AD HOC weekend Trip

    Wandered into RCC on Friday night.
    Weather and tides look pretty good.
    A quick natter and following morning 5 boats are setting off for Swale Marina on the North Kent coast.
    Very big tides but everyone managed to get under the Kings Ferry Bridge and decided to take the most direct route into Conyer Creek, not exactly a lot of water across mud flats and both depth sounders gave up.
    Bit of confusion regards moorings but we all found one and nobody turfed anybody off.
    Nice clubhouse on site and the lady in charge did a valiant job of feeding/watering us all.
    Definate chill in the air in the morning.
    Needed a lift of the bridge and chap in charge obliged pretty quickly.
    Passed "MURV" shuttling folks about at Queenborough,it was the annual historic boats festival.
    A mooring at Swale Marina is £21.50 per night inc power and water, food and bar is all at club prices.
    Bit of a challenge going in but a very inexpensive way of spending a weekend in the middle of some very quiet countryside.
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