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Oh stop being facetious and take the trolling elsewhere. You know exactly what I meant. By limiting the amount of pontoons it limits the amounts of yachts that can visit. They could easily put in another 20 berths in there but Iím saying it is good they choose not to and kept space for the the traditional fishing day boats.
I was not being facetious at all.
Nor was I being a Troll
I merely responded, to what comes across as a " Holier than Thou," type of thread.
You, may well have an idea, in your head, unfortunately,....we, are not mind readers...
So we ...only have the posted comments.....to think about.
If you Re Read your own comment, never mind what you meant !
Just what the rest of us could read ?
It comes across , as if, its fine for you, to be there, as long as nobody else is !
If you cannot see that, from your own comment....???
But Whatever....
Any other Canary Questions, Im here & Ill do what I can, to help out.
Pax Bonum