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    Default Re: Carpenter / Chippy recommendations in Preston Area.

    Quote Originally Posted by SteveNotlob View Post
    Sorry for not contacting you as you were, after all, recommended.
    I just believed that being in Manchester you would be too far to take on this project, nothing personal and sorry if i appeared rude or ignorant.
    Regards, Stephen
    Hi Stephen

    Not a problem at all, i didnt think that all either. I have travelled all over to do work, as far as Bath, Southampton too Essex.
    Preston is like next door for me lol. Infact my bats are up your neck of the woods just past Garstang on the Lanky canal.


    Quote Originally Posted by MrB View Post
    I recommended him because I thought it was close enough to Preston, 40 miles? Not far for a tradesman really.

    @Wayne....can you still get cascamite? you are old school lol.
    You certainly can Cascamite still, love the stuff for some reason, i reckon better than some glues you can get now like Gorilla/Evo etc. Also how i can add timber dust to make a filler, i had ago with other glues as mentioned but didnt work as good.

    Nowt wrong with old school at times

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    Default Re: Carpenter / Chippy recommendations in Preston Area.

    Wayne, could you PM me please. Thanks

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