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    Default NASA Clipper Wind - giving trouble again

    I'm on (I think) my third mast-head unit.

    The problem - the display gives correct wind directions when close-winded and with wind well aft of the beam. But not when wind close to beam.

    Its as if the wind direction indication is deflected forwards or aft..

    I've checked the connections - I soldered the tiny data wires that connect to the back of display to spade connectors which are heat sealed. Is it possible that I have a voltage drop due to using solder??

    Before I contact NASA *again* (TBF they are very pleasant to deal with) I'd be grateful for any other suggestions.

    (I was up the mast in May and the self-amalgamating tape on the data connector was in perfect condition. I didn't inspect the condition of the spindle, previous ones have been corroded but I was assured that NASA use stainless now...)


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    Default Re: NASA Clipper Wind - giving trouble again

    I fitted a new one when I bought my last boat. It lasted two seasons. Changed to Raymarine with no problems for four years now. I would never use NASA up the mast again as its a pain having to get the old unit down.


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