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    Default Practical Boat Craft

    Shuffling books about on a dusty bedroom shelf, I turned out a slim copy of 'Practical Boat Craft' of August 1988....some 31 years ago! That shelf wasn't there one-third of a century ago, so its provenance is a mystery. Nevertheless, this IPC 'shoulder publication', like 'Skippers Check Cards', edited by Rodger Witt, brought back a basket of memories.

    Some things don't seem to change much in the world of PBO - at least, not while the mag was based in Poole. And it was part of our community whether we were 'mudskippers' up the Blackwater, racey red-trew'ed Solent types, or slow, sure Westcountrymen.... PBO was part and parcel of our image of who we were.

    I was intrigued to note the differences with today, and the surprising similarities. Problems and solutions to transducers, solar-heated showers, ventilation, sprayhoods.... much as now. But also some of the problems we still explore, argue, fail to resolve, are with us even today, after decades of circular discussion.

    Take singlehanding, staying aboard and releasing the self-steering gear..... John Passmore shows his system. Graeme Smith has views on releasing his dan buoy, independently of the ubiquitous lifering. There's an interesting addition to the thrown rescue rope - attaching a light rope ladder for the casualty to hook arms and legs into...... and famous writer Frank Mulville contributes his thoughts on release from being dragged by one's harness and tether.

    There was mention of just one type of anchor - and no argument!

    That little supplement gave me a simple low-tech solution to my 'reinventing the wheel' of warping drums but perhaps the best of the pleasant surprises was on the rear cover - that year's PBO Cruising Almanac was only £5.95!

    Good ol' days.....

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    Default Re: Practical Boat Craft

    Good ol' days yes but a lot of the current technology does make life much easier.

    I don't have to use a hack saw to cur stainless steel, I can now use an angle grinder with a cutting disk. I can also get all my stainless laser or plasma cut.

    TIG and MIG welding allows better quality foe the less skilled than stick welding.

    I still have copies of the PBO boat owners sketch books by Dick Everitt. There also numerous books on my shelves yes lots. The one think I regret is throwing away all my back copies of PBO when I left the UK as I could not justify the shipping cost.
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